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The five-chamber profile system WDS 5S is in high demand due to its versatility. The combination of an affordable price, stylish design, and good heat-saving characteristics allows you to use this profile to solve a wide range of tasks. Constructions based on WDS 5S are used for glazing balconies, loggias, verandas, and terraces, as well as residential buildings, flats, and commercial facilities.

Heat and sound insulation

The heat-insulating and sound-insulating characteristics of the WDS 5S profile system are suitable fo living quarters. Windows structures with two-chamber double-glazed windows and energy-saving glass will significantly increase the efficiency of heat conservation and make it possible to save on heating.

Comfort and safety

WDS 5S profile is free of heavy metals. Windows based on profile are safe because it does not contain volatile substances. Well-thought-out profile geometry and high-quality reinforcement strengthen the structure – so it not only perfectly withstands wind and operational loads but also resists attempts to break.

Design potential

The use of high-quality pigments in the manufacture of the WDS 5S profile guarantees the preservation of its original white color. The windows do not turn yellow or gray under direct sunlight. At the same time, windows based on WDS 5S look great in white and in the laminated version.